The happy and green kingdom of Florapis is in danger because of a fearful king, and a strange sort of dragon – a Tatzelwurm called Pankratz – has just decided to move to town. Things worsen fast, but maybe there’s a chance to save it?

Zauberschön is a wonderful fairy tale novel written by Irene Matt, recommended for kids starting from the second year of primary school, but it’s a great book for adults, too. What I love the most about it, is that there are so many topics touched in such a sensitive way: friendship and love, environment and politics… a tale everyone should read – plus, of course, the drawings are amazing!

The book is available in various stores, but if I were you I’d contact directly Irene at and ask for my own signed copy (with no additional shipping expenses!). To find out about the events where you can meet the author (and the illustrator!), please follow us on Instagram.


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Badische Zeitung (Zauberschön was presented at the event “Kinder informieren im Roten Rathaus”)

Schlummer Frosch

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Oldenburger Internet Zeitung

KJM Kinder- und Jungend Medien Zürich





Thank you to our great readers! Zauberschön was released in November 2019 and made it to the 25th position in the category Children Books of Der Leserpreis 2019 on Lovelybooks:

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