Pupillae Art Dolls

Gioconda Pieracci, the artist behind Pupillae Art Dolls, is a truly inspired and inspiring friend of mine. I would need much more than a page to express in how many ways I am thankful to her – and one of these is definitely having the chance to create together with her. Over the years dolls and stones have met to tell beautiful stories, and I’ve collected most of them in this gallery…

…don’t forget to have a look at Gioconda’s amazing works on Pupillae, too.

Dragons & Princesses
Alice in Wonderland
“Regarde-moi…” Diorama
Dragon Princess
Drawing inspired to the beautiful Pupillae’s Mrs Cornelia Fawnella
Bookmark inspired to Pupillae’s creations about Anne of Green Gables
Frame inspired to Artemisia and Libero of Pupillae
Dolls & Cards