The Freiburg-based tour agency that offers traditional and special visits to the city and its surroundings… visit their website, and you’ll see what I am talking about!

So glad I was the artist selected to create their new logo, and to draw their out-of-the-ordinary map of the city! A beautiful experience that definitely changed the relationship between my art and the real world…

Would you like to have your own? You can find the irresistible FREIBURGerLEBEN crocodile on the cups of their tour gift sets, and the maps are offered for free to all their customers.

…the collaboration with FREIBURGerLEBEN goes on!

In 2020 this little guy was created as a logo for their new project Fuddertrail!

A tour that is a non-tour… a real time for you and your family, and a unique culinary experience!

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