About Me


Hi I’m Silvia,

I’ve been writing on this blog for well, let’s see, more than six years already.

Life does it, I’ve been changing a lot since my first post. I started out with baby food and baby stories, dedicated myself to recycled toys, posted a lot of recipes, shared my creative experiments and invited a lot of friends.

Now I mainly paint, stones and pieces of paper to be precise. I love tiny details, leaves and birds, dragons and tea cups.

When I moved my webspace here on WordPress, I could have restarted from scratch, with a new more organised blog and a more captivating name. I really though about it. But, well, Mammabook is me, after all. And I’ve been putting so much time and love and effort on it, that erasing it would be like loosing a piece of me.

So here I am, still Mammabook, with my luggage of experience and my curiosity, looking forward to the future, as enthousiastic as I’ve always been.


Something more about me:

Born in 1983 in Livorno, Tuscany.

Mum, translator, painter. I love illustration, graffiti, travels, classic books and books for kids. I bake my own bread, and I have my pockets filled with stones. When I am nervous I crochet. When I am happy and inspired I draw something. Either way, I forget about the world. I am a walker on the clouds, like we say in Italian – a dreamer.

I moved sooooo many times.

At the moment I live in Freiburg, Germany. It is a beautiful green place, and I warmly recommend you to visit it.



You can contact me at: