Elmer the BAT

It doesn’t matter how busy I am, Halloween always has the power to make me craft.

Since I am mostly attracted by a material if I haven’t use it for a while, plus I kind of needed a new keyring (I always do), I spontaneously picked up the felt pieces that were hanging around in my new office – still with no defined place to stay – and begun drawing.

Elmer the BAT is what came out and, since the tests were greatly successful, I prepared a little printable instruction & pattern for you! It really doesn’t take long to make a bat, which means that you could easily make a lot of them, I find them quite addicting…

This time I am even happier than usual to show you my latest DIY because my girl has been actively working on it, and made some really cute things! I love how she makes those casual random stitches that fit so well with the Halloween mood. Unfortunately I am only an adult and I can’t let go of regular boring stitches… I really need to ask her to make an Elmer for me, too! Anyway, the good news is: if your kid is able to hold a needle, this can be a perfect kids’ craft project.

All the instructions are on the printable I made for you!

You may notice that one of the bats is a bracelet… how? Well, if you ever wash a woollen pullover in the wrong way, the best is to wash it in the wrong way again and again, at least you will have created some beautiful felt, much nicer (and cheaper!) that the one you will find at the craft store. The bracelet is simply a piece of sleeve of an ex-pullover!

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