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If you’re visiting the family for Christmas, chances are that you – like us and a lot of other poor parents – are going to spend several hours in the car together with your kids. And you know very well that the small ones usually start out o.k., but that they eventually will transform either in video-addicts, or will begin to annoy you and their siblings. Even worst, every time that we are supposed to go on a trip, my son starts asking about the dynamics of his entertainment days in advance!

That’s how, a few stressful days ago, I happened to remembered a funny Facebook video, presenting a very simple idea to keep bus passengers busy and happy. I have no idea on how to find the video again, and I can’t possibly remember where the idea came from (maybe Sweden?), but I’ve been wanting to do my own version of it for years.  And since there are already enough “mammabookish” Christmas resources (you’ll find a big list at the end of this post), I thought that maybe you too might be grateful to find some simple, funny and especially off-line car/train/flight entertainment.

How does it work? It is super simple: print and cut out the figurines. Attach your favorite on the windowpane next to your seat, and be careful to pick a monster or a shark that has his/her mouth open in the direction that you’re moving on. You don’t need to attach it permanently, of course, a bit of tape will do! To make the figurines more resistant, print them on thicker paper, or attach them on a piece of cardboard before cutting them out.

Now sit next to your figurine, close one eye… and while the car is moving, move your head up and down to eat living people, bikers and cars! To make the game even more exciting, let your kids establish a points chart: red cars are ten points, strollers three, people with hats ten – it’s totally up to them! Of course, if you’re flying you may want the sharks to eat clouds, on a highway trucks might be worth a lot of extra points, while in the city you will have all sort of targets!

So that’s it? No Christmas mood this year?

I thought about it, and that’s how I solved the issue and transformed this post into a Christmas post (I am pretty proud of it):

My kids love the crazy Christmas tree, and I hope that you’ll enjoy it, too.

If you like this post please don’t forget to comment, try it out, and share: a pin, a few lines or a picture are all helpful to make the blog and my work known, and I’ll be glad to share it if you tag me. I wish you lots of fun, and very great holidays!

…and for an even more joyful Christmas:

…and don’t miss the DIY Gifts!

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