DIY Halloween Headbands

When you have short hair and you’re seven, the best way to do something special with it are headbands – or at least, that’s what my little girl thinks!

Over the years she started a pretty nice and colorful collection, and we also began to make headbands together. This means that this will probably not be my last post about hair accessories… and I am so glad to begin with one of my favorite topics: HALLOWEEN.

To make the Halloween accessories I tried to use what I already had, and ended up buying only the headbands. Try to see if you can do the same: we all have so much nice stuff around the house, bought a long time ago, scraps from other projects, so many cute things that we can upcycle; go on, and make this project your own!

(And tag me, if you like!)

These are the abbreviations I used for the crocheted parts:

st = stitch
mr = magic ring
sc = single crochet
inc = increase (2 sc in one stitch)
dec = decrease (2 st become one)
sl st = slip stitch

Spider headband

To make this little creature with posable legs I used:

  • Left over dark blue yarn
  • Blue sequins
  • 2 pipe cleaners
  • White and black felt
  • Safety eyes
  • Padding
  • Purple tulle (left over of my ballerinas)

You can crochet the body of the spider by following these instructions – if you don’t feel like it, a pompon spider will also look great! Just remember to insert the pipe cleaners into the center of the pompon.

The thicker the yarn is, the bigger the spider will be:

1. 6 st in mr

2. 6 inc (12)

3. [1 inc + 1 sc] repeat 6 times (18)

4. [1 inc + 2 sc] repeat 6 times (24)

5-6. 24 sc

7. [1 dec + 2 st] repeat 6 times (18)

Sl st and close.

For the eyes: cut two small rounds of white felt, create two holes in the center with pointed scissors, and fix them to the body using safety eyes. If you do not have safety eyes, small black buttons, beads or black felt are a great solution, too.

For the legs: cut the two pipe cleaners in half and roll the four parts together in the center like in the images. Insert the legs into four consecutive stitches on the two sides of the body.

Stuff the spider and close it at the bottom with a round piece of black felt. Decorate the body with sequins as you like (you can stitch them, or simply use the glue gun).

Cut a lot of round circles of tulle (I used zig zag scissors) and stitch them together in the middle. With the help of the hot glue gun, attach the tulle on the hairband, then the spider on top of it. I like to complete the work with a round piece of felt that goes under the hairband (see images): it makes the creation look more neat, and it makes it more resistant, too.

Witch Hat Headband

Here’s what I used:

  • Left over black yarn
  • A button
  • A pipe cleaner
  • Purple and black felt
  • Padding
  • Purple ribbon
  • Purple tulle (I use the leftovers of the circles I cut for the spider, and sew them nicely together)

If you don’t feel like crocheting the hat, just use black felt! You may also put a ribbon around the hat instead of attaching a button; I simply used what I had in a way that the colors would match nicely.

How to crochet the cone:

1. st 6 in mr

2. [1 inc + 2 sc] repeat 2 times (8)

3-4. 8 sc

5. [1 inc + 3 sc] repeat 2 times (10)

6. 10 sc

7. [1 inc + 4 sc] repeat 2 times (12)

8. [1 inc + 2 sc] repeat 4 times (16)

9. [1 inc + 3 sc] repeat 4 times (20)

10. 20 sc

11. [1 inc + 3 sc] repeat 5 times (25)

12. [1 inc + 4 sc] repeat 4 times (29)

13-14. 29 sc

Sl st and close.

Stuff the hat, then cut a felt circle bigger than the base of the cone, and fix it at the bottom with hot glue.

I covered the hairband with a pipe cleaner because I didn’t like its color for this project, but you may as well skip this step.

Attach the tulle, then the ribbon and then the hat on top of the hairband. Finish it nicely by fixing a piece of purple felt under the hairband and the decoration.

Pumpking pompon Headband

I am sure you’ll find something similar to:

  • Upcycled fabric (in my case, a broken skirt)
  • Matching thread
  • Half a pipe cleaner
  • Black felt
  • Padding
  • Small pompons (in my case upcycled from a kids’ art project, but you can also make them yourself!)

Cut a circle of fabric: the bigger the circle, the bigger the pumpkin will be. Insert the tread around the fabric circle, stuff it, and then pull it close! Make the shape of the pumpkin by simply inserting the thread several times into the middle of the pumpkin, like in the images.

Fold the pipe cleaner in two parts of almost the same size. You can curl them nicely around a pen or a chopstick. Attach it to the top of the pumpkin with the thread.

And we’re already there! Using the hot glue gun fix the pumpkin and the pompons around the top of the hairband. Finish the work with a round piece of black felt under the hairband, like you see in the pictures.

…it wasn’t difficult, was it? Now you’re ready to go to your Halloween party, no excuses! …and don’t forget to comment and tag me on Instagram, I LOVE to share your projects!

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