Ca’ Lùcia


The older I get, the less I like to spend hot summers sticky of water and salt – it’s funny, because I’ve been quite a sea creature for most of my life. Maybe the problem is not the heat or the sea: maybe I just like the hills because I don’t know almost anyone there. Because, even if I work mostly from home, Freiburg is more and more rich of encounters and appointments for us, and I enjoy a real break.


Drying after the bath…

I tried a selfie… and I still don’t like them.


Whatever the reason is, since years now I meet my family in Emilia. There is a little house big enough to host all of us, with the chance to make fire, do some gardening and walk in the forest, and I can draw for hours while listening to music. The place is called Ca’ Lùcia, from the name of my grandma, but with a dialectal accent I did not know – and Ca’ is the short version for ‘casa’, home.


The birdhouse the kids painted for my father some years ago.
Somehow I found my own Jiminy Cricket.
Experimenting with the wooden oven.

The name sign finally hanging at its place, at sunset.


Doing what I do as a job, I’ve been thinking a long time about how I could make a name sign for the house. Somehow only this summer everything came up how I had been wishing for: the right stone, that once belonged to the house itself, the woodland subject, putting together my recent passion for drawing foxes and some elements of a personalised artwork I made some time ago (that my father really liked). Sure enough, I had to bend my wishes to the ones of my ‘customers’ and… did you notice? For the first time my trees have a rich foliage… how do you like it?!


Bastian reading in the school’s attic.


That’s not all that happened at Ca’ Lùcia. I’ve enjoyed the company of a very great classic, The Neverending Story, which turned in a lot of sketches and drawings. I needed some holidays to experiment out of the needs of a definite project or the shop, to rewire, see what I learned, see how my style was evolving. I am really satisfied of the outcome, and will definitely use this style for my next book…


An inhabitant of Amarganth, she’s made out of silver, and her clothes too.


As every year, I also had the chance to meet with Gioconda of Pupillae Art Dolls (we met here the first time). I brought her as a gift a bookmark and a frame inspired by two of her dolls, you may have seen some preview on Instagram or Facebook. Over the years we’ve worked together on various project, and for me she’s an irreplaceable friend and colleague. I love her artworks, and I love to visit her place and spy on the ongoing projects… if you don’t know her yet, I warmly recommend you keeping an eye on her. If you loved our past works together don’t worry, we are planning more collaborations, more likely after December.


Artemisia and Libero, drawings inspired Pupillae’s art dolls.
Drawing inspired by Pupillae’s Deer Bride.


The first part of summer is gone, and I am slowly back at work. I already have some new miniatures ready for the shop, and the Calendar 2019 almost done. But that’s not all: the website of Il Libro degli Amici is coming up, and a new collaboration, in German this time… stay with me, I have a lot to tell you about!


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