Upcycled Wet Bag (a pattern review)


Finally back on the blog! I had so many problems with spam in the past months than I’ve basically being avoiding opening my web space… sorry if it took so long.

I decided to return with a project, perfect for this time of the year: a Wet Bag!

What is a wet bag? A waterproof pouch to carry around your wet clothes, or to keep dry stuff separated from wet one (like in the gym bag). I won’t be sharing the pattern here because it is not mine to share, but you can find it on Cucicucicoo HERE (for sale, or for free if you subscribe to the newsletter, at least for now).

I became a tester for Lisa’s patterns a few years ago, and I really love how she can explain sewing even to a total beginner like me. Moreover, she wrote a full free online machine sewing course on her blog (with free tutorials for every lesson) so you can really find a lot of support for whatever doubt you have.



With this Cucicucicoo pattern it is possible to create three different kinds of wet bags in three different sizes, even with carry loop or boxed corners. This is not my first test: I already used the instructions to make a small play area First Aid Kit (you never know when the disinfectant bottle can open) and, modifying the sizes, I made a mini swimsuit carrier for my son using one of his old bathing suit (from when he was one!). We use these bags A LOT, together with another already made wet bag that I got given some years ago, and honestly there’s always need for more because I wash them quite often.



For various reasons I never had the chance to talk about Lisa’s pattern before – so when my daughter’s umbrella broke just before summer I thought it would be the perfect time to make something useful for the family, and finally write about this project.

To make the pouch I carefully removed the fabric from the metallic support of the umbrella (that is now at the Kindergarden and will be turn into a kids’ art project by some really creative teacher) and followed the instructions step by step. I chose to make a lined wet bag, because the fabric of the umbrellas is not completely waterproof, and this time I also made the carry loop, because I thought that it might be nice to attach the bag OUTSIDE the backpack if needed.



Unfortunately I am not a really precise sewer, so there are a few mistakes here and there, but the bag is still cute and works great. In the pictures you may also notice a few small holes that were in the umbrella, but they’re not very visible, and they’re anyway compensated by the lining. I love how colourful the wet bag is, and inside are even more colors!



If you liked this project I am sure Lisa would be happy to know about it (and me too!), so just tag us on your social pages, pin it, leave a comment! Cucicucicoo is also a great resource for upcycling projects, so if you have a broken umbrella but you don’t want a wet bag, I recommend you to look into this foldable shopping bag or this amazing backpack raincover! You have no excuses left not to upcycle… and it makes fun, too!

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Lisa // Cucicucicoo: Eco Sewing & Crafting

I am SO in love with this version of the wetbag! It is just gorgeous with the automatic color-blocking effect and I love how it’s 100% repurposed as well as being a reusable bag as opposed to plastic! Total genius, Silvia, and I’m totally copying this!! 😉 Lisa