DIY Frozen Play Set


I’ve been wanting to paint peg dolls for a long while. For some strange reason I never actually did try until a month ago, when I received a very nice custom order: Hansel and Gretel, and a little Gingerbread house (you can see the pictures further down in this post).



The project was so nice and inspiring that I kept on painting little wooden figures for my family. What came out where a little set of Indians in their canoe and a Frozen play kit.



The outcome was nice and practical (I love portable games!), and it was even a great way to recycle an advertising tin box that was lying in my drawers since months!

It is so simple and cute to make, all you need is:

  • A box in the size and the material you like better
  • Felt (for the cover and the sky)
  • White soft wool (for the snow)
  • Pearls sequins and thread to decorate
  • Two peg dolls
  • Two wooden pearls
  • A stick of metal that you can fold on half (I got mine from an old desk calender)
  • Air-dry clay
  • Acrylic colors
  • Non-toxic fixative spray
  • Strong glue
  • Hot glue


Make your Olaf figure by folding your metal stick into two wooden pearls. Cut the part coming out form the bottom, fill the holes on top and on the bottom with air-dry clay. Once the figure is dry, paint it with acrylic colors. Paint also Elsa and Anna, use the spray on all characters once the paint is dry.



Cut to pieces of felt in the size of the box: one will become your cover, one the sky inside the box. Sew or glue pearls and sequins and decorate as you please. Fix to the box with hot glue.



To make the snow you can crochet a long chain and then work lines of simple stitches until you get the size you need – or, if you like, you can simply roll the wool or fix it in lines inside the box. Use hot glue for this job, and make sure that all the parts are well-attached.



Leave inside the box some extra snow sequins to make the game even more fun.

So simple, so quick, and your kids will have hours of fun!


Here are some pictures of the other above-mentioned projects:




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