Indoor Fairy Garden


I’ve been craving a long time for a Fairy Garden.

I paint and sell so many fairy houses, but somehow it was never my turn to make my own miniature garden… until now!


Indoor Fairy Garden cover 2


Sometimes we just need some little, weird stuff to be happy!


Indoor Fairy Garden 5


After months of research I finally found the right pot: low, wide enough, and very simple. I don’t know much about plants, so I just bought what I liked without worrying too much. I am curious to see how it will work out, if I will need to replace something or if I am lucky and everything survives. I am mostly worried about the Bonsai, because I guess it needs not much water, while the plants around it do…


Indoor Fairy Garden 3
Indoor Fairy Garden 1


Of course, the house is one of my artworks. It waited so long in the shop, and it was about time for it to find a place to stay. It is a bit sad when things are left unsold, and believe me, it is really not about the money. I feel like what I do it’s just part of the story of the object, and somehow it feels like this story is unnaturally paused when too many months pass and nothing happens…


Indoor Fairy Garden 4


How do you like it? It is such a simple and inspiring composition to make! And it seems to fit everywhere I place it. Its main location at the moment is on our big table, under a blue picture of the desert. I like it there, because the kids say ‘good morning’ to the fairies, and it puts us in such a good mood…


Indoor Fairy Garden 2


I’ll let you know how my little experiment goes. And, by the way, I also bough all the plants I mentioned in my spring resolution list, and placed them on the kids’ balcony: now we have strawberries, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, tomatoes, and sunflowers! Maybe I am starting a new carrier as a gardener?!

Indoor Fairy Garden cover 1


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