A (new) Header for MammaDilettante


A couple of years ago I proudly showed you here on Mammabook the header I designed for a blog I love: MammaDilettante. And I was so happy to know, once Giovanna decided to move her blog here to WordPress, that she wanted to have ME again drawing her new header.


MammaDilettante nuovo banner


Our guidelines were the same as the last time: red and blue for Cagliari, the beautiful city in the south of Sardinia that I showed you here, and a lot of buildings, one on the other, all different, sometimes broken, all intensively alive, like only Italian cities can be. The laudry is hanging everywhere upon the small streets, because family is such a big part of our culture, and a big part of Giovanna’s life. Her blog is a fascinating journal about motherhood and life, and her dreams of writing. That’s why the other detail we HAD to keep were the words – actually, HER words of the book she’s working on – flying and filling up the sky.

I really love to play around with Photoshop, but for me drawing is, and always will be, a manual thing. I take a pencil and draw some lines, and then draw something smaller, and smaller. I add a detail here and there, and that’s something I feel couldn’t do with a computer. Coloring is different: either I take my pencils, and maybe a little watercolour, and work on every single detail for hours to obtain a really colourful panorama, or – if I want to go more ‘essential’ – I split my image on the screen, distribute it over ten layers and look for the perfect combination. I love to try shadows and add lights in a few seconds, change shade, move spots. I have the feeling that I can really find the best possible equilibrium.


A (new) header for MammaDilettante 1


Now MammaDilettante has her new, very personal header, and that’s a great feeling. You should go and visit her. Especially the Italian public should.

Even better, for me, is comparing the old and the new artwork, and see how far I got just by learning alone…

In Giovanna’s dreams there’s a book, and I wish her all the best – she deserves it. In mine there’s a job I always wanted to do. And my next step would be learning from a professional… I think I am old enough to go my way this time. Wish me good luck. And we’ll see what will fill up my sky.


Ps: I will contact the winners of the Giveaway this evening, your Paper Toys are coming!


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