Crocheted Unicorns

After speding a whole winter trying to crochet a star cover for my son, I finally decided to give myself a break from the project – I’m SO bored! – and went back crocheting Amigurumi.


Crocheted Unicors cover


Thanks to my daughter’s birthday decorations and the huge amount of birthdays we have to attend in this period (remember my spring resolutions?), I had the chance to test a lot of cute quick patterns that may be interesting for you, too.


Crocheted Unicors 2


Today’s project is taken from Ahooka Amigurumi – save this blog, Ophelie makes a lot of cool stuff! – and, well, I didn’t make any changes to it. With her pattern you may make simple horses, flying horses, unicorns and, for the joy of my mini girl, flying unicorns!


Crocheted Unicors 3


I just don’t know why, but I stitched my wings the other way around, somehow it makes more sense to me… probably because I imagine them flying.


Crocheted Unicors 4


Even if what I make is a gift we always make sure it is well cuddled and met the whole family before giving it, because we like amigurumi to be happy ones. So we had big party with dolls, horses and pirates… (yes, you’ve seen the purple doll before, and the pirate was a variation I made on the same pattern, I love how it came out!)


You can find the original unicorn pattern HERE. Enjoy!

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5 years ago

Il pirata è proprio bello!


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