I will draw it for you, and you will believe that it’s true

At home we’re all big fans of monsters, vampires, and friends. Despite that, I always told my kids that even if all these things are funny, they do not exist, and that our house is absolutely monster-free.

Until my son came home one day telling me that a friend of him had seen a ghost, a real one. His younger sister was there, so I kept on insisting that no – it wasn’t possible. He felt really sorry.

And then, he found the solution. He said ‘Well, than I’ll draw that ghost for you, and you will see that it is true’.


I will draw it for you 1


Sometimes kids leave me breathless. It is amazing how they seem to know and understand some things better than we do. They did not already learn the right answers by heart, they see invisible connections, and find the simplest solutions.

Sometimes they really know how to behave, when most of us old people would be blocked. It made me think about that sad and then wonderful day at the river, three years ago – when we found out that maybe happiness is made of water.


I will draw it for you 3


My little one needed to believe, and needed me to be part of it. How could I say no? That’s what I do everyday, draw dragons and paint fairies and claim that they’re real. That no fairy house remains empty. And, well, I’m not lying.


I will draw it for you 4


We all need to believe, we need ghosts and gnomes to be true. A part of us knows the truth, and we should never find out which one…

So – yes – I will paint it, and you will believe it’s true. Will you?

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