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In my 2015 to do list there was the promise to draw a lot more. I must say that I wasn’t too bad, and that I gave life to a lot of images in these months.




Drawing is at the same time hard and liberating for me – like when you try to be a child again: you like to play, but you’re scared you don’t remember how to do it anymore. I was always good with my pencils, but somehow my skill was considered not useful for my ‘grown-up’ life. I told you already, I’ve been just ignoring drawing for years and years (unless when I was bored).
I do have fears, exactly like a serious adult with a toy car in his hands. My biggest fear is to find out that it is too late: that I can’t learn anymore what I could have learn if I would have been just a little bit more self-confident before. I am scared to take my pen and to not succeed in making what I have in my mind. I am scared to be considered a simple amateur, just because I never studied what I do as an artist.




Amazingly, fears go away as soon as I lift my pen. I forget about them, I don’t care. Drawing makes me feel so happy. And then. Then I see what I made and I tell my self that yes, it was worth doing it. Every sheet and every stone takes me a step further, further away from worries, further up to what I want to be.
I did it again. I always tell myself ‘see that you write a short post now, and don’t be too poetical’. Well, I guess I can’t. But let me take you to what I wanted to say at the beginning: now that I lost some fears on the way, I’m finally working on downloadable contents for the shop.
I am so excited about it: I can offer useful and beautiful drawings within seconds, and keep the price so low because I can
sell it again and again. I can reach everyone. And it is so nice to just buy something and get it right away, even if it is online, isn’t it?




Your response has been really positive, I even got encouraging messages from Etsy sellers I don’t know! And it’s not all here: at the beginning of December the cards I order should arrive… ok, too much spoiler now!
Thank you so much to Elisa, Valentina e Lisa for the wonderful ‘in action’ pictures in this post.
They’re all smart and positive women that you can find on (in order) Valigia a due piazze, Cucicucicoo and Riciclattoli (and this last one has a gorgeous new website!) – I am so lucky and so well-surronded, thank you girls!
Don’t worry, I won’t forget my stones. Actually, there’s a little green dragon sleeping here next to me that is waiting for his turn to be finally available for adoption…


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cucicucicoo: ecological living

I love your planners! Isn't it terrible how easy it is to feel like a "fake" just because you haven't officially studied what it is you do? I sometimes feel like that about sewing, but in the end, that's not the only way to learn and become an expert! Hooray for us, because it's so much harder to get good at what you do when you don't have organized learning to thank for it! 🙂 Lisa


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