Welcome to the Monster Shop

I love so much to be surrounded by monsters (and creepy dolls) in every size and shape, that I couldn’t resist painting my own version of it. Moreover, in these days I’m organizing a costume birthday party for my little one, and I absolutely needed also something more for – well, I’m not sure that this the right word – adults.






I tried already last year to make something for Halloween and, even if my past artworks are not bad, I am so glad I refined my skill enough to put something really crazy and detailed on the stones.
Of course, these are no games. The Monster House and the Monster Shops are to be adopted and cherished by someone who really cares about them. Someone who will take them in the hands from time to time and enjoy looking at them. Someone who will find the right place between some other weird inspiring collector stuff he already has. I really don’t like wasting time for someone who can’t appreciate… especially because I can’t possibly paint the same thing twice!




Just that you know, the background of my photos is not artificial. It is a really old graveyard I love to visit. I’ve been thinking about it and though that maybe, after so much time that it has been helping my taking great pictures, maybe I should dedicate a post to it, just that you don’t forget to pay the old graveyard a visit whenever you come to Freiburg. There is even a stone lady who needs fresh flowers, every day, or she will wake up… stay tuned, I’m working on it.


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