Hi I am Silvia and I am painting dreams…

…illustrator, miniature painter, mum, translator, a bit of a graphic designer, and since summer 2020 I happen to be the chief of a local library, where I teach art and organise cultural events.

I love illustrations, comics, graffiti, travels, and beautiful stories. My bags are filled with books and my pockets are filled with stones. When I am nervous I use my hands to create. When I am happy, I draw. Either way, I forget about the world. I am a “walker on the clouds” – like we say in Italian – a dreamer.

This website collects most of my works and collaborations, past and present. Here you’ll find books, maps, etiquettes, flyers, promotional characters, logos and of course original artworks, all my comic & romantic style.

…are you a company looking for a symbol, a character, a visual representation of what you do?

…are you an author in search of the right images for your story?

…are you seeking something special for the spaces you live in?

…are you looking for the one of a kind gift that does not exist yet?

If you think that my style may be the perfect fit for your ideas, write to me: together we will find the perfect solution for your needs and we will create something nice and unique!