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Crocheting has become one of my favorite hobbies, especially because it doesn’t need many tools. It is the perfect activity to spend time on while the kids are swimming, dancing, or playing with their friends outside. I followed so many patterns in these ‘lost moments’ that I didn’t even have the time to share them with you like I used to do. Eventually, I got to a point where I began to write my own patterns, a little more detailed than the ones I already shared with you (the starry backpack for instance, the doll carrier, the t-shirt with flowers…).


Today I’m sharing with you the project I’ve been working on in the past two months: some very cute sparkling stars that I gave last Saturday to the little guests of my daughter’s birthday party. I choose this project because I felt in love with a new kind of yarn called Bubble – theoretically made for crocheting sponges – seriously, who wants to work that much so that people can scrub with it? So, I just selected a dry, cuddly version.





Each ball of yarn weighs 50 gr, and I was able to make three stars out if it. Each star has a diameter of circa 10 cm (4 inches). You need this, a size 2,5 hook, cotton filling, 7 mm security eyes, black non-sparkling cotton yarn, and a yarn needle.



sc = single crochet

sl st = slip stitch

ch = chain



Center of the star

  1. Begin with a magic ring, ch 1 and sc 9 inside the ring. Close with a sl st and fasten tight. (10)
  2. Ch 1. Sc in the first stitch, then crochet 2 sc in every stitch for nine times. Sc 1 in the last stich and close with a sl st. (20)
  3. Ch 1. Sc in the first stitch. {Sc in the next stitch and sc 2 in the next one} repeat. Sc 1 in the last stitch and close with a sl st. (30)
  4. Ch 1. Sc in the first st. {Sc in the next 2 stitches and sc 2 in the next one} repeat. Sc 1 in the last stitch and close with a sl st. (40)
  5. Ch 1. Sc in the first stitch. {Sc in the next 3 stitches and sc 2 in the next one} repeat. Sc 1 in the last stitch and close with a sl st. (50)



  1. From where you are, ch 1 and then sc in the next 10 stitches. Turn.
  2. Sl st in the first stitch, sc 8. Turn.
  3. Sl st in the first stitch, sc 6. Turn.
  4. Sl st in the first stitch, sc 4. Turn.
  5. Sl st in the first stitch, sc 2. Turn. Cut the yarn and pull it through the stitch to fix it.
  6. Pass the yarn in the circle where the last stitch of the star is, follow the instructions above and crochet four more points.

When the star is finished, place your yarn at the bottom of one of the points and crochet around – I made 8 to 10 stitched for every side of the point.

Crochet a second star, BUT don’t cut the yarn when you’re finished crocheting around the frame.

Place the eyes and stitch the mouth (have a look at the pictures, I made every star a little different).

Pass the yarn through the first stitch you crocheted around the perimeter, and through the stitch in the same position on the other star. The backsides of the stars must be facing.

Crochet around. Before you crochet around the last point, fill the star. Crochet along the first side of the last point, fill the last point, crochet until the end. Cut the yarn and fix.


That’s it! I hope you’ll love this pattern, and if you have any question just leave a comment here on the blog. A presto!


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Lisa // Cucicucicoo: Eco Sewing and Crafting

Very cute, Silvia! Love them! I’ve heard of this type of yarn, but I’ve never actually seen it. I’d be curious to try it out! 🙂 Lisa


I think these would make great bean bags. I may try it😁 thanks for sharing the pattern!

Giovana da Silva Guerdão
Giovana da Silva Guerdão

Lindas estrelinhas, obrigada!!!!


Hi , what is simple stitch , single crotchet by any chance , love the little star


Simple stitch ?


What’s the weight of this yarn please? I’ve never come across it before.
I’m actually imagining a Christmas charity project (I run a charity working with slum children in Kenya) – our supporters making these for each child for Christmas. However, we’d want to use a more ‘cuddle friendly’ yarn so I was wondering what an equivalent weight would be to make them the same size as yours. Thanks.
(of course, if we do use the pattern for a Christmas project, I’ll be sure to give you plenty of mentions!)


Thank you for these cuties Silvia! I’ll make a bunch of them to fill all the sky 🙂