A Monster for all Seasons


It’s about time that I introduce you to Gigio, the family’s monster.




We made him together with the kids more than a year ago for my son’s Birthalloween Party, and he looks similar to a lot of wreath monsters you may find on Pinterest.

But he got special in its own way because I wasn’t allowed by my little people to take him off, so we decided to leave him where he was, and just dress him up depending on the holidays.




Gigio dressed up for Christmas, Carnival, summer, Halloween, and with the time we enjoyed more and more finding new ways of decorating him.

Would it be a funny idea for you, too? Making a Gigio it’s very simple – and I am so glad that there is something to make our ‘wonderful’ sad-peach-and-grey building floor a little less sad… you can see it from most of the pictures, there is no light and no fun before entering that door!




Just get yourself two styrofoam balls, a styrofoam circle and a gummy white sheet (for the teeth). Cover the monster first with left over green ribbons if you have any (they don’t need to be in the same shade), and then with tulle. Tie it all around the face, and don’t forget to hide in between a long wide ribbon to hang your wreath. Once the base is ready you can fix with hot glue teeth, and eyes.




As you can see from our pictures, it is quite resistant! And it is so funny when the kids come home and first thing they say hallo to their monster.




Have a great Halloween! – and if you’re looking for more stuff to do, I recommed to check out the posts Free download – Halloween Tags & FiguresDIY upcycled Monster plush and Miniature Witch garden.


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