Ideas for a Snow White Birthday Party


Ideas for a Snow White Birthday Party cover


Organizing a birthday in the Pinterest era is definitely a lot easier than before. I’ve been using the platform for more than two years now, and I think it is still the most efficient resource for craft and inspiration.


Since Pinterest has enabled secret boards I can even group ideas without being ‘discovered’ by fans and friends – and that’s great!

One of my secret boards, for instance, is called ‘Birthdays’ and it is full of snacks, games, and decorative tips. I know it might be interesting for you, so I though that maybe I could share the ideas I already implemented, what do you say?


Snow White Costume


I’ve already shown you how I dressed my Prince (here is the tutorial for a quick DIY cape), and that’s how our little Snow White looked like – but with red shoes, of course!

I like to keep costumes as simple as possible, so I picked a blue shirt, added a big silk bow to a red headband and sew a simple yellow skirt. For the skirt I used this tutorial by Dana which I had tested before – unfortunately satin is a bit slippery and it took me more time than usual to make it.


Ideas for a Snow White Birthday tablecloth


Actually, I like to keep everything simple, not only costumes! That’s why our main decorations were… ten kilos of red apples!

For the big table I was able to use a beautiful dwarfs tablecloth I found at a market in Italy last summer, and this time I didn’t make the mistake I made at my son’s birthday in October: filling up the table with tons of food. I was useless and unpractical because the kids had no place for crafting or playing, and the food was way too much.


As party favours I crocheted some cute apple keyrings, that we wrapped together with some ‘Witch Poison’ (a sparkling drink). There were also some cute mini birds hanging at the windows, and the kids were allowed to adopt one of them before leaving… for the crochet patterns, please see the list below.


Ideas for a Snow White Birthday favours


Here are some other beautiful ideas I collected: the main themes I followed were flowers and red apples. Of course, I didn’t manage to make all of it! If you organize a Snow White birthday in the colder months, I would recommend to look also for mushrooms and squirrels.


Ideas for a Snow White Birthday







I hope this post will be helpful to you just like all this blogs were helpful to me.

Have fun and ‘see’ you next week!

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